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Our Workplace

The workplace at Mitsui Fudosan (Asia) is defined by fast-paced high performance, frequent travel, and a semi-flat communications structure. A multi-lingual team of employees cooperate to fill many roles all at once, learning and teaching through high-intensity on-the-job training. With a comparatively lean size of around hundred employees, we promote rapid collaboration and cross-level information sharing through easy access to top managers, whether in the office or on frequent business trips. This small-office feel is offset by influence and support from parent company Mitsui Fudosan Japan, a member of one of the largest corporate groups in the world. Expect an environment full of challenges, with a supportive team, in a highly global, advanced and innovative workplace.

Manager / Business Development
(Malaysia)Khoo Kok Chen

"I have seen so much progress and advancement in myself since I joined the company."

Khoo’s personal goal is to become a better person who can spread positivity to people around him. His career goal is to become a real estate strategist who can lead a team of people who are always excited to come to work and eager to contribute to company’s success. He feels that the dynamic and positive workplace of MFAsia is the perfect environment to achieve both those goals.
One of Khoo’s main responsibilities is to source joint venture opportunities and development land to expand MFAsia’s residential business in Malaysia. He prepares feasibility studies and market research to evaluate potential deals and subsequently obtain approvals from management up until he can close the deals. Besides his investment functions, he also monitors all aspects of project execution from planning, financing, marketing and construction to project handover. Essentially, it’s Khoo’s responsibility to ensure projects meet return criteria. He also helps the company add value to joint venture projects by transferring and adapting knowledge from Japan to their local operating partners and incorporating Mitsui Fudosan’s brand into marketing.

At any company, such wide and high-level responsibilities would be challenging. Indeed, Khoo says he’s had to learn how to multitask well and work efficiently to manage his work-life balance. But he says the collegial culture of MFAsia in which colleagues are willing to help him to get things done even across departments and levels helps him manage this high-impact workload. What’s more, Khoo sees his job as more than a paycheck. In his words, “I like Mitsui Fudosan’s way of doing real estate business. They put a lot of emphasis on sustainability and value creation.”
Khoo joined MFAsia as he was attracted by their reputation and experience covering a wide aspect of the real-estate development cycle. From the start, he was impressed by the strong accountability of the senior management personnel. They are very much involved in mentorship and the investment decision making process, and made sure to guide him through the whole process in the beginning. He soon found that the job required him to think strategically when dealing with problems, which he loves.
Khoo joined the company looking to learn and grow. He’s been able to do that and so much more, rapidly taking on a lot of responsibility in a challenging high-performance workplace while supported by what he describes as an incredibly collegial team. Khoo says the workplace at MFAsia gives you all the support you need to achieve peak performance and then expects the best, and he’s been pleased with the results.

Manager / Project Management
(Thailand)Nattawan Techapiwat

"I look forward to new business ventures in logistics, hospitality and beyond."

As a project manager, Nattawan is responsible for overseeing all facets of a new project from day one. While this can be quite a challenge, she is supported by colleagues and superiors who constantly encourage her to enhance her expertise and explore new business opportunities. Today, she not only manages residential assets but is also engaged in hospitality and logistics projects, which promises to diversify and strengthen her skills.
One of the main reasons she chose to work for Mitsui Fudosan initially was its reputation as a large global organization. What surprised her after joining was the active interpersonal collaboration and mutual support promoted between colleagues in the office. This, she believes, is one reason behind the business’s rapid expansion; within her first two years the company doubled the number of total projects.

For Nattawan, keeping up with new markets and trends in order to adapt to changing politics, regulations and economic conditions is what makes the job interesting and challenging. She makes it a point to always discuss current market situations with her superiors and local partner companies so as to maximize company profit and ensure stable growth.
Nattawan describes the workplace at MFAsia as helpful and cooperative. Everyone is willing to offer advice and share their experiences. She really likes how the company encourages employees to challenge themselves. This is evidenced by the practice of rotating Japanese staff to different job functions and countries so that they can learn and develop new skills. For Nattawan, one thing that sets Mitsui Fudosan apart is its unique know-how and expertise developed over a long history in the industry. Passing down this knowledge enables the company to undertake new pioneering projects in the future.
In addition to ensuring project profitability, Nattawan’s personal goal is to maintain a good work-life balance. She knows that a fulfilling private life is important to her success at work. Professionally, she also looks forward to having more opportunities to travel and get involved in up-and-coming projects. Nattawan hopes that both she and Mitsui Fudosan will continue to become more globally active, adapting to the unique challenges of each new situation they encounter. Moving forward, she promises to strengthen the company’s nurturing work environment so more employees can challenge themselves and grow like she has.